About Kenn

About Kenn

Kenn Schroder here. This is my blog on how to find web design clients.

Kenn Schroder - Web DesignerIf you need more work, more income, then join us list and I’ll share the tricks of the trade from me and my web dev homies.

12+ years ago, I commuted 2-3 hours, worked 9-5 Mon-Fri, in a cubicle, doing work I didn’t really love. I got paid well, but I wasn’t happy. I felt a slow death inside.

After a long road of learning, I’m able to work and travel the world as a freelance web designer. I have great clients, a flexible schedule and good income. It’s so great!

The hardest things to learn when you start your web design business are how to find web design clients, how to make money, how to market and how to run your business.

I’m not just a preacher but actually in the trenches, growing my web design business right now.

My main thing is web design. I build websites for coaches like business, health and life coaches. That’s my speciality. There are quite a few marketing benefits for becoming unique, rare, special in web design as I speak about in my guide.

I started out coding games on the Commodore 64, way back when. Then throughout school I as always dabbling on computers, programing, designing, and messing around.

I left my corporate insurance job back in 2001 to freelance as a web designer. Things have evolved quite a bit then, but I’m still building websites and loving it.

Today, it’s more about creating sites that serve a valuable purpose. Sites that work. That generate an income. That get some sort of clear result.