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Three Tips for Grunt Work and a Funny Vid

Creative types are kinda screwed.

It’s the ability to lose your mind in something and let the infinite wisdom surface to gives creatives like you the great ideas make great sites. However, to make that vision a reality, you need grunt work – which is often not as blissful.

Imagine your customized, fantastic dreamhouse.

Mine would include a top-level room half made of thick glass to let sun in for exercise, tanning, relaxing or looking out over the ocean. In the basement would be a total-tech center and even a night-club like environment for parties. Yes a walk-in bath, big bedroom, and cozy living rooms are musts too.

Hashing Out a Worthy On-going Monthly Income as a Web Designer

Hey guys and gals. I’m looking for some of your creative brain juices to solve a problem I’m having (I bet many of you are probably having the same problem). I haven’t found the perfect solution to earning good money on a monthly basis as a web designer. I listed my criteria below. I’ve had a few different versions of a support / maintenance program going that different clients have agreed to, but nothing  that stuck very well. I tried hosting myself, but found that it hard for me to justify charging any significantly high enough fees compared to competitive…

Three-Step Model for Getting Web Design Clients

New freelance web designers and small firms are often very good at building websites but terrible at finding clients. Us tech-design types are naturals when it comes to software, building and working on our own, however when it comes to positioning ourselves to make money do the work we love, we often fall flat. Here’s a three-step model to help you see the main steps you need to take in order to get web design clients. There’s likely one of the three spots that you can focus on now to increase your number of client significantly. Here’s the three-step model…

A Recent Post on Keeping Web Designer Income Low

I recently wrote an article in Top Articles titled Nine Things that Keep Freelance Web Designer’s Income Low. It’s a post about the things that are causing you not earn enough. You really need to get rid of the worry about money. You need to get your baseline income needs met so that you can free up creative energy to create. Imagine trying to design something great when you’re shivering in the cold and hungry- not easy to do. But imagine, on the flip side, you’ve got money to cover your basic needs and you can relax into your favorite…

Freelance Web Designer Stories

Hey guys and gals, let me throw out some fun discussion with these three questions 1. What’s been the hardest part in your business? 2. What one big hurdle have you have successfully jumped? 3. In the future, what’s one achievement that would totally excite you? I’d love to hear your story.

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