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Grow Your Web Design Business – Finding That Precious Energy and Focus

It’s really tough sometimes to find that simplicity. That energy that moves you forward. That fun motivation and clear thinking that makes your business outlook great. That makes important tasks (ones that you may resist) easier to do. Makes you more courageous and “in the business flow” so to speak. Here’s something I do often to help me cruise things along in business – towards earning more, spending less time, and having more fun.

Getting web design clients coming to you en masse.

Clients want a specialist (a specialist in the client’s needs). So, you’ll need to figure that out one by one as you meet new possible clients. OR, become a specialist for a group of clients with similar needs. In the second way, you get clients coming to you, en masse, ready to hire you, and ready to pay higher than average fees.

Paleo Eating to Boost Energy

This blog article is indirectly vital to your web design business. One of my rules of success in freelance web designing is taking care of you – because your business IS you!  Ever notice how there are times when you have lots of energy and times when you don’t? Ever wonder if you could figure out what’s causing higher energy and how you can create more of it? Welcome to my mind. The never-satisfied, ever-wondering beast that helps me discover great things but often stresses me out double. ;D Midway through 2012 I’ve been tampering with my diet, detoxing, liquids,…

Why Selling is a Bad Word and a Better Way to Find Web Design Clients

Why Selling is a Bad Word and a Better Way to Find Web Design Clients

Does the word “selling” make you cringe? Do you start to feel like you’ve got to go out there and convince people to hire you? Do you feel like a door-to-door salesperson? Do you get that seedy feeling like you’re behaving like a used car dealer? Blech! I know that feeling too well. When I started out early in my web designing career, I remember going out to meet business owners and feeling I had to convince them to hire me. I’d meet a few new people each week or month and then I’d worry about how to “get” them…

Three Things That Made the Biggest Success in My Biz

Last night I was thinking (yes it was Monday night, think night 😉 ) and looking back, what were the top three things that have done the most for me in my business to date, what would they be? 1. Narrowing my services so that I get better clients easierAt first, I did this simply to get paying work – gotta eat. Then I found it could lead to happier work – hey I can enjoy this more. Then, to free up time – hey getting clients isn’t a lot of work anymore, whew! It was one of the hardest…

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