Hashing Out a Worthy On-going Monthly Income as a Web Designer

Hey guys and gals. I’m looking for some of your creative brain juices to solve a problem I’m having (I bet many of you are probably having the same problem). I haven’t found the perfect solution to earning good money on a monthly basis as a web designer. I listed my criteria below. I’ve had a few different versions of a support / maintenance program going that different clients have agreed to, but nothing  that stuck very well. I tried hosting myself, but found that it hard for me to justify charging any significantly high enough fees compared to competitive…

Freelance Web Designer Stories

Hey guys and gals, let me throw out some fun discussion with these three questions 1. What’s been the hardest part in your business? 2. What one big hurdle have you have successfully jumped? 3. In the future, what’s one achievement that would totally excite you? I’d love to hear your story.

About Kenn

About Kenn

Kenn Schroder here. This is my blog on how to find web design clients. If you need more work, more income, then join us list and I’ll share the tricks of the trade from me and my web dev homies. 12+ years ago, I commuted 2-3 hours, worked 9-5 Mon-Fri, in a cubicle, doing work I didn’t really love. I got paid well, but I wasn’t happy. I felt a slow death inside. After a long road of learning, I’m able to work and travel the world as a freelance web designer. I have great clients, a flexible schedule and good income. It’s…

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