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Product Review – Proposal Bundle

Product Review – Proposal Bundle

In my quest to bring freelance web designers the best stuff for getting clients, I decided to dig into my friend Ilise’s Proposal Bundle – 25 Resources for Project-Winning Proposals. Ilise Benun mentors creative-type businesses and has a lot handy marketing tools and services (really good stuff). If you’re fumbling with handling the proposal process and aren’t getting enough proposals accepted (or aren’t earning enough on your web design proposals, then get her bundle and improve your selling process – it’s a great move. The bundle includes: 9 Keys to Job-Winning Proposals 4 Bonus Tips on Getting Work from RFPs…

How to Stop Getting Nickel and Dimed

If you’re a new freelancer trying to get web design clients and you finally land a small project but find you’re getting hassled over your fees and the work you’ve done, you’ve probably fished up a bottom feeder.   Bottom-feeders are the clients that are rarely ever happy, will penny pinch you for every second of design work you do. They tend to focus on how much they can extract out of you instead of working together with you to do the project right.  Four ways to help avoid this:  1. Quote higher amounts.  Cheap clients give you a harder time….

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