Five Questions to Motivate Your Ass

If you want a swift kick in the pants, a double-espresso of motivation, and get a few light bulbs to go off to move your web design business forward, answer these:


What are your top 3 business goals over the next year?
(make one of them your income goal, like $X per month)


How will your life be different because you’ve accomplished these goals?
(be very descriptive)


What would you say are the biggest challenges that could be in your way form reaching your 2011 business goals?
(List at least 5)


What impact are these challenges having on your business right now?
(are they causing extra stress? financial pains? personal happiness? look very closely)


Let’s say it’s one year from now. Looking back, how would you feel having accomplished all of your goals?
(what will it feel like? What will have been the best parts?)


Strengthen your guts and put it “out there.”
Post your answers to the above questions below.


Print out your answers and take a look at it in the morning and take a look at it at night, for a month, with no judgement, and see what happens.

You’ll probably be surprised in a wow-cool-that’s-a-little-freaky kind of way.

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  1. Daquan Wright · September 7, 2011 Reply

    I like this and I’ll use it as well (save it in a text file).

    I don’t even have those up yet (most likely because my site isn’t up yet), but I think it’s fantastic.

    With this, I could actually start crafting a business. As you know, I’ve been coding for years and gotten lots of valuable experience. But the one thing I didn’t do is think up very specific business goals.

    But then I guess, if you don’t plan to earn a particular amount of money, what would make you go out of your way to get it? heh

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