One way to get easy web design work graphic

One way to get easy web design work graphic

I just got off the phone with web designer in the trenches, John Waiveris

After an hour of fun chatting and sharing stories, I figured out how he gets plenty of work.

It’s via referrals and partnering (similar to referrals in that you’re the go-to person).

Referrals are the best because you don’t have to do any hard, clumsy, cheesy selling.

Just be helpful and quote your rate.

Over the years, he’s done great work for his clients and his web designer friends (the people who refer him).

They do the selling. He just joins in the work.

It’s because of his willingness to do good work and connect with others, does he stay paid.

Next week I’ll post more about how John succeeds as a freelance web developer.

But here’s a graphic from the new version of my guide on getting referrals:


Yabba doo! In the new guide coming out later this year, I talk about how to get those precious, no-selling referrals. If you want more clients, income and free time (by being more efficient), then buy the current version of the guide now, you’ll get version 2 free when it comes out.

You’ll see some of the tricks I use to get 10-20 leads a month and never do proposals again.

Are you getting referrals or do you partner with others? How’s that going?

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