Getting web design clients coming to you en masse.

Clients want a specialist (a specialist in the client’s needs). So, you’ll need to figure that out one by one as you meet new possible clients. OR, become a specialist for a group of clients with similar needs. In the second way, you get clients coming to you, en masse, ready to hire you, and ready to pay higher than average fees.

When I first started, out, I was a general web designer. I got some clients. I got them by spending time with the client to determine what they want and need and to get them comfortable with me as a person. For every five possible clients/projects that came my way, I was able to get approximately 1.

When I focused on a niche, a specialty, the clients that come to me already see me as the right person to hire. They are less likely to seek 3 proposals and choose the best. They are often ready to get started after a 30-60 minute discussion. I don’t have to post on job sites like Odesk or Freelancer. I don’t compete with thousands of other web designers. Also, the better clients are seeking a specialist – they tend to be easier to work with than the confused, “I don’t know what I want” kind of low end clients who will change their mind over and over because both of you don’t know what the client wants.

My clients are small businesses and as a freelancer, you may have small biz clients or possibly big corporate types. However, if you’ve built up an image as being good in a special way (niche/specialty), the benefits are:

1. Selling is faster.

2. Fees earned are higher.

3. Work comes in more consistently.

4. Clients are more open to your style of working.

One time while visiting Paris, I landed 3 clients in a week, all of them came to me, and all started with me within a 1-hour phone call or less (yes a few emails before hand as well, maybe 15 minute of emailing).

All good things. I talk about how I do this and give you guidance on how to do this yourself in your web design business in my guide, Web Design Clients Galore, here.


  1. Nathan Sumner · March 22, 2014 Reply


    You are spot on in your assessment here! I am about to modify the industries I work with and fine-tune it to a niche as well. People want to work with developers that are not just experts at web design, but experts in web design in their industry. The reason people are willing to sign a contract more quickly and generally pay more to a niche developer is because hey trust them. Keep the great articles coming!

    • Kenn · March 24, 2014 Reply

      Hey Nathan … thanks for chiming in with your excitement. Sounds like great times ahead for you! I can tell you first-hand that specializing has done heaps for me. (Heaps is a kiwi word here in New Zealand … heaps = lots = tons = loads).

      • Nathan · March 24, 2014 Reply

        I actually understand “Heaps”. My best college professor was from New Zealand.

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