Grow Your Web Design Business – Finding That Precious Energy and Focus

It’s really tough sometimes to find that simplicity.

That energy that moves you forward. That fun motivation and clear thinking that makes your business outlook great. That makes important tasks (ones that you may resist) easier to do. Makes you more courageous and “in the business flow” so to speak.

Here’s something I do often to help me cruise things along in business – towards earning more, spending less time, and having more fun.

When I was in Argentina, I happened across a executive and life coach, and now long-time friend, Gail Scroggs of Essence Coaching. Gail kicks ass. And, I’m reminded of her motto, How can we get more of that in your life? 

What you do is this (and I do this quite often as the energy drainers and distractors out there are ceaseless and relentless) -> You make a list of at least 10 things that are sucking your energy dry. You can do more than 10, but 10 will suffice. Then, pick out the top two leeches. Then, figure out how to minimize, eliminate, reduce or otherwise obliterate them.

Those two are the 20% (few) of sources causing 80% (most) of your energy loss and unhappiness.

They could be people (family member, crumby friend, coworker), thoughts (some idea you spend too much time entertaining like a past misery of some sort), bad habits (like eating late at night).

Again, how can you remove them? A promise to yourself stop thinking about X? Remove someone as a friend on Facebook? Stop going to a certain gathering? Have a talk with someone about the issue to clear the air?

Do the same for energy builders. List out at least 10 things that are adding energy, joy and happiness to your life and business, and then pick out the top two that are adding the most. How can you get more of that in place?

Is it hanging out with positive friend X more often? Making space to enjoy a favorite hobby?

Great if you can remove one energy drainer and add one energy builder at the same time.

Yes, these can be tough to do. So, try to find simple, easy steps. Maybe a conversation with someone is way beyond your comfort now, but reducing time with them will give you space.

Here’s one of mine recent ….

Take a full day off of work and make plans for that day with friends.

Just taking a day off was very hard for me to do because I’d find myself just working on that day if I had nothing planned. So, taking a day off didn’t work so well until I made plans for that day.

The plans I made were strategic. I thought about the top friends I have who I feel better by being around. People I respected. Then I made plans with them. But I had to reach out to them early in the week or a week before because people are busy.

This sounds silly as I think about it out loud.

But this is my reality. I’ve sort of created a habit of making all my time available for my work and this has caused me much stress. Workaholism of some sort probably. And your reality will be different.

If I tell myself to “take Saturday off”, I almost fail every time out of habit. I needed to fill that day to keep me from popping onto my laptop to work.

Also, I have quite a few friends, and well, without thought, some of them aren’t so great to be around. But out of habit, I spend time with them. A conscious effort to get around the positive ones is smart.

So, I’m coming to this Monday after a great weekend of seeing three different friends and meeting a few more. Volleyball, walking the city, chatting about life. smiling, laughing, and goofing off at its best.

And come monday, the energy, calmness,  and focus is great.

Let me ask you.

What 10 things are sucking your energy? Which 2 are the biggest drainers? How can you get rid of them? What 10 things put a smile on your face and improve your energy/mood/happiness? Which of those 10 are the top 2 sources? How can you get more of that in place? In work or life? Love to hear from you! Just post a comment.

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