Hashing Out a Worthy On-going Monthly Income as a Web Designer

Hey guys and gals.

I’m looking for some of your creative brain juices to solve a problem I’m having (I bet many of you are probably having the same problem).

I haven’t found the perfect solution to earning good money on a monthly basis as a web designer. I listed my criteria below.

I’ve had a few different versions of a support / maintenance program going that different clients have agreed to, but nothingĀ  that stuck very well.

I tried hosting myself, but found that it hard for me to justify charging any significantly high enough fees compared to competitive providers like GoDaddy, etc. Plus I’m not sure I really want to be called when a technical problem occurs with hosting or email – it sounds like no-fun, time-consuming work for pay.

I thought of offering SEO on an ongoing basis, however for many of my clients, SEO is so foreign to them, and at their level of business and marketing experience (they are mostly start-ups and run a consultant-type business).

So, actually, the question comes around to what do my clients REALLY need, REALLY want, and are willing (almost have to) pay for?

Thus, what I’m really wondering is what you all are doing and what seems to be working, not working, and what kinds of clients do you have that you are supporting.

Here are the criteria (as I see it) that would make a monthly service/maintenance service VERY ideal:

  1. It pays well. Not $50 a month. But at least $200 per month.
  2. It consumes very little time – can automate / easily outsource.
  3. It’s extremely valuable to the client. Not confusing, meaningless stats, etc.
  4. It’s easily sold to the client. It’s a natural yes.

Any creative ideas leaking out?

Please comment below.

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  1. Daquan Wright · September 7, 2011 Reply

    1) Social Media Integration

    2) Raising brand awareness

    3) Create an app that clients pay monthly. This could be anything, but apps can generate passive income and massive business. I can’t possibly advise you on “what” to make, but think about an app that would be useful to the world. You could create a web app or an app for the iPhone/Android. I’m certainly thinking about and it’s something that would rake in money all the time.

    Really, smaller clients won’t have the budget to keep paying you every month. It’s not like working for a company where you’re the site designer that they are paying.

    If you’re freelancing, getting on by a “gig by gig” basis, once the site is designed/built/launched, the project is typically finished and the clients typically like it that way.

    I don’t think it’s so much a matter of what you can do for small clients to keep making passive income, because I think those are the wrong types of clients for that.

    I believe you should look into different platforms and apps you can make, there’s a world of possibilities. Just check out what other pros are doing, talk to developers, and ask them to help you with ideas.

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