One Way to Boost Value, Get the Sale, and Keep Em Coming Back

Here’s a quick way to boost your value when talking to new prospects. It’s a way to let them know their getting a lot for your fee and it will help them feel at ease to say yes.

 boost income, earn more

This move also will help you keep them around for future updates … and there’s quite a bit of money to be earned down the road. 

The one way to do it via Training and Support

What you do is, when you’re making your proposal, is to include a service called “Training and Support”. 

Not only are you going to help them build their website, but you are going to show them how to use it and if anything goes wrong over the next month or two (whatever period of time suits your client), you’ll fix it at no extra cost. 

You ABSOLUTELY MUST have this in your contract, especially if you’re a small biz web designer because you are actually going to provide this anyhow … 

Just think back to past projects when you finished a site and thought you were done – you weren’t right? You had clients come back to you with questions or hiccups or other quick little mods now that the site is already done. 

So you are actually providing support and training whether you state it or not. So you might as well point out that you provide this in your proposal. 

Clients like to know they are in good hands and like to see all the value they are going to get to help them justify paying your fees. 

And, during the training and support period, you give them great service. This helps them get in the habit of working with you. They’ll want to stay with you for future updates. Know that it’s a lot of work for a client to stop working with you and find someone else – work they don’t really want to do.

Remember, clients want value (though you might think it’s all about price, and yes they want a lower fee where possible) and they want lots of value for the fee they are going to pay. Add a Training & Support feature to your contracts, and you’ll make your offers more enticing to sign.

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