Paleo Eating to Boost Energy

This blog article is indirectly vital to your web design business. One of my rules of success in freelance web designing is taking care of you – because your business IS you! 

Ever notice how there are times when you have lots of energy and times when you don’t? Ever wonder if you could figure out what’s causing higher energy and how you can create more of it?

Welcome to my mind. The never-satisfied, ever-wondering beast that helps me discover great things but often stresses me out double. ;D

Midway through 2012 I’ve been tampering with my diet, detoxing, liquids, etc. I’ve found there is definitely “something” going on with respect to food and my energy. It’s now time to figure out what the heck is going on – and optimize it – because you know, your web design business is you and if your sleepy, energy-drained, or foggy-headed or irritable, it will show up in your business!

In this article I will share with you an experiment I’m testing to get my energy to be constantly high, without feeling jittery (too much coffee), and essentially help me get into that highly focused state of being … via food.

Me a year ago.

A year ago, I tried going vegetarian. I’d been having energy levels all over the map with some draggy mornings, energy-loaded late nights, and then times of just being wiped out and stressed, I just stopped working for a day or two – and felt guilty, yuck!

My body temperature was colder than normally in my life. My belly was often times bloated, until I did some sort of detox.

I was struggling with how and when to eat (fruits and veggies and rice, beans) to keep my energy up and constant. I was also playing lots of basketball, for which I was trying to optimize my performance, with sporadic moments of success.

Me now.

I’ve been dabbling with paleo/primal eating, which is eating and living like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. And there’s SOMETHING going on good here. Though I haven’t fully committed to the program until I ran into the book, It Starts with Food.

I’ll share with you what I’m doing further below, but let me share with you the Me to Become.

In the one month I’ve been strict Paleo, I’ve noticed: 

  • Sluggishness after meals slowing down.
  • Fewer cravings for carb stuff.
  • Really feel good after a meal – no bloating, satisfaction.
  • Sleeping deeper and arising quickly – no grogginess.

Me to become (hopefully) and you to reap the rewards.

So, in my various attempts over the last 8 months to tweak my diet and boost my energy, I’ve had moments like this:

  • Mind is super sharp.
  • Energy is strong and plentiful.
  • I feel like the guy in the movie Limitless.
  • Nothing is worrying me and I’m just in the zone.

I want that all the time, or whatever amount is reasonable, which I believe to be a helluva lot more than I have now. I also want no 2-hour drool naps that awake me to feeling like I’m run over by a train.

So, here’s what I’m doing.

  • I’m following the eating guidelines outlined in It Starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.
  • I’m following the Primal Blueprint guidelines outlined in The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.
  • My short summary of what it’s about (I’m sure I’ll miss a few points, so take it as a summary).
  • I’m eating like our ancestors, mostly veggies, meats/poultry/fish, some fruit, nuts and berries.
  • I’m avoiding junk carbs like bread, rice, cereal and very sugary fruits for now like bananas.
  • I’m avoiding (get ready vegetarians) beans and grains.
  • I’m eating animal proteins from organic, free-range, grass-fed … etc, natural sources.
  • Get breakfast in within 1 hour of waking to get your energy going and food supplies.
  • Each meal consists of an animal meat surround with veggies and about two spoonfuls of fat.
  • Avoid fatty meats from non-organic, free-range, grass-fed sources as the fat carries a host of junk like nitrates and hormones. Bad for the body. Else fatty meat is good.
  • Digestive enzymes taking with meals.
  • Probiotics taken over night. 

Here’s my go-to breakfast

paleo breakfast - energy tip for web designers

It’s ultra fast to make because we need to get back to pounding on our laptops! Just …

  • Quickly steam small cuts of veggies in water, not to long, just soften them a bit, on a pan.
  • Scramble eggs (the whole eggs) in coconut oil (don’t cook to burn, just enough to solidify), on the same pan.
  • Fry up some beacon – on the pan too.

You’re done.

Some key products I eat/use.

Products - for a healthy web designer

  • Trader Joe’s grass-fed beef
  • Trader Joe’s coconut oil
  • Trader Joe’s free-range organic eggs
  • Trader Joe’s organic lemons
  • Trader Joe’s Himalayan sea salt
  • Trader Joe’s free-range chicken breasts
  • Trader Joe’s coconut milk
  • Trader Joe’s smoked apple bacon
  • Soloray Super Digest-Away enzymes
  • Chipotle salad + meat + fajitas + guacamole (skip any tortilla, chips, beans, rice, dressing)
  • California Pizza Kitchen salmon salad
  • Now probiotics

If you’re going to dabble yourself …

I DO NOT RECOMMEND that you just copy what I’m doing as it may not work for your situation and I am not providing all the info needed here. I recommend you check out the books yourself and do your own research.

Instead walk away with these points:

  • I’m doing a test here to see how this paleo thing works.
  • I believe that your energy is affected by things and you can control the inputs (provided you figure out what works!)
  • I believe that nutrition is a great place to explore for see what is affecting your energy.

Wish me luck and I’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve found dietary (or non-dietary) ways of boosting your energy for your work, I’d love to hear about it. If you’re going primal, please share what you’ve been doing and what’s working, and what’s not!

I await your comments … 😀


Update, Sunday Oct 21

Chipotle is going out the window for now due to my discovery of their using refined soybean oil to cook the meats and fajitas. I took body weight at the gym, 156, so I lost about 5 lbs after 20 days into the Whole 30 program.] [hr]

Update, Sunday Dec 9

So it’s been 2.33 months of 95% strict Paleo eating. My energy is much higher. I wake up much more ready for the day. I get “going” so to speak a lot faster. I get periods of very high energy and focus and I could spend 5-8 hours straight cruising through work. Things seem to flow very easily. However, the energy isn’t consistent, and so I’m tweaking some things. What I’ve come to respect is that there are a lot of factors affecting my energy/focus/motivation.

But for now, here are some noteworthy items for what I’m doing and what’s working and possible ideas to help you get more energy for your biz.

I’ve been adding sauerkraut to my breakfasts and that has been helping food go down better. 

I’ve been having celery towards the evening, which is a highly alkalizing food. The body likes to be alkalized and green veggies, leafy especially, are great for that. Also some nuts, like macadamias or brazil nuts have plenty of magnesium – good for deeper sleep. Deeper sleep = better awakening and energy. As simple as “getting good sleep” sounds it’s easy to screw up – especially with our laptops beckoning and work on the mind.

Overall, Paleo style of eating is working out very well. It’s scary what I was doing before and how things might be if I hadn’t made this dietary shift.

I’ve just gone through the book Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. It has a great base of knowledge in there. Two things I took away from that book to add to my efforts are to include Cod Liver Oil for omega 3 benefits and to get my digestive acids moving with a tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar before meals. 

For some of you who are not much into nutrition, I may sound like a serious health case that needs all of these things to survive. As I account for things, I know that me, 10 years ago, would have thought I was a nut case. But after feeling how my energy levels have gone up, my body (skin, muscles, fingernails) have strengthened, and my mind is sharper, there’s a huge opportunity here. 

If you do try out this kind of eating, I’d start with the book It Starts with Food. Also, if you do pay attention to nutrition and energy and having loads of great energy for your business is vital to you, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


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