Three Keys to Making More Time in Your Web Design Business – Good Morning from the South Island of NZ

Three Keys to Making More Time in Your Web Design Business – Good Morning from the South Island of NZ

me at franz josef glacierI’m currently traveling the South Island of New Zealand, visiting a few friends and seeing more of the world.

In the pic, I’m at Franz Josef Glacier – a big ice formation. You can see it from afar as I’m doing or take a helicopter on up.

I’m reflecting on how it’s possible to earn a good income and have the flexibility of time to do fun things in life:  traveling, raising a family, learning a new musical instrument – whatever floats your boat.

Here are a few key things, as a web designer, that I found vital to making this happen.

1. Assistants. To get the work done without sucking up your time, especially the time-consuming grunt work you dislike doing, you should get others to do it.

2. Systems. I should say that simply outlining steps or tasks that need to be done for bulk tasks (installing WordPress and plugins, optimizing images, or handling copy), whatever your web design business delivers, it’s much easier to get work done faster with less stress if things are documented.

3. Services (packages) that are repeatedly needed. If you can offer things that are needed in more than one instance (a child theme that works great for the menu page of restaurant clients), the income you earn will require less time.

Just think, if you hare doing all the work (no assistants) and have no systems (have to think about all the steps every time you do them including non-design work) and have no repeatedly needed packages (everything you do is a new project), it’s going to be difficult (I’d say impossible) to have time for yourself, sleep, friends, etc – life.

What are you doing to get worthwhile help? To make things more automatic? Simplify? Create useful package/services that are repeatable? Love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Krishna · February 24, 2014 Reply


    I follow your blog and some of the tips shared by you are very practical and well researched.

    Looking to hear more.

    thanks again !!


    Techbridge Consultants

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