Three Things That Made the Biggest Success in My Biz

Last night I was thinking (yes it was Monday night, think night 😉 ) and looking back, what were the top three things that have done the most for me in my business to date, what would they be?

1. Narrowing my services so that I get better clients easier

At first, I did this simply to get paying work – gotta eat. Then I found it could lead to happier work – hey I can enjoy this more. Then, to free up time – hey getting clients isn’t a lot of work anymore, whew!

It was one of the hardest things for me to do. I did it terribly too – looking back. But it worked to a worthwhile degree. 

2. Cutting out information

I stopped collecting great articles into a folder. I stopped bookmarking stuff. I created filters for emails that I couldn’t get unsubscribed from (after clicking SPAM of course!). I unsubscribed from a lot of sites. 

I stopped checking email as often too and turned off my phone for blocks of time. I stopped responding to texts or messages that didn’t need a fast response. 


You may not realize it, but for many of us humans, interruptions are hard to recover from – especially great-idea kinds of interruptions us creative types absolutely devour!

3. Hiring a subcontractor/assistant to do some stuff for me

At first, it was very hard to do. Hey, I’m not making much now, how can I afford to pay anyone anything? I had the idea that I needed to pay someone a lot to do a lot. Not true. The key, if I were to advise someone, would be to get a VA at $5/hour at Odesk or other site. Have him or her do some small, time-consuming task that’s a must-do to-do item. 

The instant relief of less stress is worth it. And this is a skill that can grow to help you make great use of your time. But watch out! Be sure the tasks you hand off are really, really, really necessary tasks, time-consuming, and tasks you do not like doing (believe or not others like doing things that you may not).

I want to as you …

I want to know what your top three changes, shifts or new habits made the biggest impact in your business, success, in any aspect (getting clients, productivity, peace of mind, etc).

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