Where to Quickly Get Your Second, Third and More Clients

Where to Quickly Get Your Second, Third and More Clients

When you’re new, getting your first website design project is awesome. Especially if it’s paying. 

 You’ll want to jump on that excitement right away and keep the ball moving by quickly getting more clients. 

get more web design clients

Two things come to mind, looking back after 11 years, of where to get more work fast. 

Let’s say, for example, you just finished some  work for your church. 

 –> More Web Design Work Source 1 – Same client!

 Ask your church if they need more help! 

 Look at their site and perhaps make a small list of suggested enhancements. You’ll learn that a great source for more work is existing clients as it takes quite a bit of work to find new clients. 

 Hence, leverage your existing clients.

 You’ll find, in time, that one great source of getting work fast is by talking to past clients. 

 They already know you, like you, and trust you and often times they’ve been wanting to talk to you about doing more work, but they just hadn’t had the time.

 Call ’em up!

 –> More Web Design Work Source 2 – A similar client! 

 Ask another church. 

 Quoting how you are liked and helped this church is a great segway to getting new clients and  more work. Just think, you can say, “Hey, I help Church A with their website, how are things with yours? Are you happy with your current designer? I’d love to talk to you about how I can help.”

 I’d even go so far as to make a list of five or so other churches nearby to contact.

 Even more so, you can ask the head figures of your current church if they personally know the administration of the other churches.

 I did a website for my church to help grow my portfolio and I wanted to help out my own organization. 

 Another local church found me by searching and clicking on the link at the bottom of my church’s website. This turned into a $2,000 project. This church had funds.

 You’ll find, as you grow your web design business, that you’ll naturally get more clients and projects of the same kind. 

 And if you make a small mental leap, you’ll discover that if you position yourself as a specialist, you can get work faster, earn more, and cut down marketing hours. 

 Congrats on your first client.

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  1. Preston · August 29, 2011 Reply

    This is a great quick read! I totally agree – the best place to find more clients is with the clients you already have!

    Thanks for sharing your tips. I’d love to have you write for my blog sometime (GraphicDesignBlender.com) if you need a little traffic and link juice to boost your blog here. I think it’s worth telling people about.

    Best of luck!

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